Thursday, 22 January 2009

Cascading HP IP Console (KVM) Switches (AF601A)

Hardware: HP IP Console Switch AF601A
Error: Unable to create cascade configuration

I've had a rubbish couple of days trying to configure a number of HP Console switches. Despite them all working on their own, I couldn't get one of them - a new HP IP Console switch (model AF601A) to work as part of the cascade.
None of the suggested diagnostic steps helped (including updating all the firmware versions!)

I checked the documentation, and the HP websites - all of which confirmed that these switches should work in a cascade configuration, allowing management of up to 4096 servers (e.g. see here).

But don't believe it. After two days work, I uncovered one line, on one webpage (this one) saying:
  • HP IP Console Switches are only supported at the top tier of a cascaded configuration.
And that's the answer. You cannot use these switches to create a cascade configuration, unless you're using them as the controller.

Happily I was able to juggle the switches with others in our server room, and now have a working configuration - but be warned!


Ravi Verma said...

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