Sunday, 10 April 2011

Solaris/OpenIndiana NFS server to Ubuntu NFS host - 4294967294 problem

Error keywords seen:  User and Group set to 4294967294 instead of UID/GID expected

Operating System: Open Indiana oi_148 (Solaris) and Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)

Software: NFS v4

When mounting an nfs shared directory from an OpenIndiana home server, the directory ownership was set to 4294967294:4294967294, despite the ownership on the server being 1000:1000, and the equivalent UID / GID being set up on the client machine.

The solution is to edit the config file /etc/default/nfs-common - the two lines required are:


This is enough to change the reported ownership from 4294967294 to 'nobody:nogroup' - which is progress, of a sort.

Our next requirement is to make sure that the nfs client and the nfs server are both using the same domain name.  On the client, change /etc/idmapd.conf so that the domain parameter is correct - in my case, 'homenetwork'.

Domain = homenetwork

Secondly, on the server, make sure that the domainname is correctly set.  As this is running a Solaris(-based) OS, it's very easy - just create or edit the contents of /etc/defaultdomain so that it contains (nothing more than) the correct domain:


And you're done - reboot both sides for luck, and everything should now appear as you expect.

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Anonymous said...

If your want to change the reported ownership from 'nobody:nogroup' to something else, edit /etc/idmapd.conf